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Top Songs Of 2012

The song has received positive reviews from critics who complimented the song’s effective lyrics and chorus, and commended Ludacris’ part and the song’s ability to have an urban twist.

Most Visited Websites 2011-2012

Google Search or Google Web Search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

History of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore. According to The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to Hot or Not, and "used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine houses.

Airtel 3G 70% less in Kerala Plans

First time users please follow the steps as given below to go 3G in Kerala:- » Select network settings to "automatic" on your handset » Choose "3G only mode" and wait for network registration. » After registration and seeing 3G network on your handset, Select "Dual Mode" or "3G and 2G mode" to enjoy 3G .

Aakash Tablet is Available For Booking

You can Order your Aakash Tablet now. The long wait for Aakash Tablet is now over. Now you can book your Aakash Tablet online which will be delivered within a week from the day of booking. Aakash was the most awaited Indian Tablet, which took many people’s attention all over the world.

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Google also Celebrates Independence Day of India With Their new google doodle -Google Doodle onndependence Day Independence Day

Google also Celebrates Independence Day of India With Their new google doodle 

The Independence Day of India,: celebrated on 15 August, is a holiday commemorating India's independence from the British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation on 15 August 1947. India achieved independence following the Indian independence movement noted for largely peaceful nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian National Congress. The independence coincided with the partition of India wherein the British Indian Empire was divided along religious lines into two new states—Dominion of India (later Republic of India) and Dominion of Pakistan (later Islamic Republic of Pakistan); the partition was stricken with violent communal riots.


Google Introduced new Logo For Google Favicon

Google Introduced new Logo For Google Favicon 

Windowweb: Google today introduced a new style of logo on the favicon .Google already changed it logo and looks before some months .Also google introduced a new look for youtube,and search .Google+ is first way of google new look updates .

Uc Browser for Google Nexus One

World fastest mobile browser for nexus one

Uc giving advanced features for your mobile phone

Download it free now

UC Browser

I Can't access Google or Youtube-What will Do

It should be time for you to remove the cookies in your internet browser. Then, clear the caches. And the best of all clear everything from your browsing history.

If you don't know where to start, just go to the TOOLS menu on top of your internet browser and click Option.

It is clearly a sign of a weak internet browser. That really happens that is why mostly every two years a newer version is being launched. Upgrade your internet browser, look it from the list and download.

1. Internet Explorer 8 -
2. Mozilla Firefox -
3. Google Chrome -

What is a URL Address-IP Address Of Google

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In laymans terms its an address that forwards to a give IP for a webserver that will return you a webpage. There are other ways as well to access these pages. When you are told to "Copy and paste that URL into your browsers address bar" all this means is to take your link, for example, and paste it into the top of your browser than hit enter to arrive at your website destination.

A fancy way to pretty much accomplish the same objective is to take the URL, for example, Now go to Start/Run and type cmd. Or go to your Accessories folder and open Command Prompt.

In this window type:


This will give you the following IP address:

You may now take that series of numbers and paste it into your address bar on your web browser. This will bring you to the homepage of the website.

How to Rejoin in Adsense-Can rejoin the program

My account was disabled and my appeal was denied. Is there any way I can rejoin the program? Can I open a new account?
We understand your concern about the actions taken against your account. Our actions are the result of careful investigation by our team of dedicated specialists, taking into account the interests of our advertisers, publishers, and users. Though you might be disappointed with our decision, we are unable to reinstate your account.
Please also note that publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed any further participation in AdSense. For this reason, these publishers may not open new accounts.
Lastly, Google does reserve the right to disable an account for any reason, including invalid click activity from any source.
Google says there is no option to rejoin to the disabled adsense account

                          Se we must take care about your adsense account .don't click on your on ads on the site it is very important ok .

                                            But there is a option to make a adsense account you just make a new google account and then create a new blog ok then apply for the adsense account you will get it back ok

Then one think don't click on the your own adds

Google Talk chatback-Online Website Chat Help Widget

Do you have a blog, online profile, or some other personal web page? Would you like to communicate more with your visitors? Today we're launching a new Google Talk feature that lets visitors to your web site chat with you. We call it "chatback" because instead of you doing all the talking on your blog, your visitors can talk back to you. Sure, they could leave comments, but those are public and hard to use for a real conversation. With chatback, it's a real instant message session.

To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account ... but your visitors don't have to! They don't even need to have an email address, or to have ever used instant messaging.

When they visit your site, they'll see a badge like the one on the right showing your online status (available, busy, offline) and, if you're available, they can just click and start chatting. Chatback uses the web-based Google Talk Gadget so your visitors don't need to download anything. It opens in a new window so they can keep chatting with you even if they browse to other pages.

Of course, chatback isn't just for blogs. You can use it on any web page that you can add HTML content to. To get started, visit the chatback start page. Then just copy the provided HTML snippet to your web site. Visitors will then see a badge on your site indicating your availability, and can click to start a chat with you. If there's a time when you don't want to be distracted, just set your online status to "busy" and visitors won't be able to chat with you until you change your status back to "available."

If you're not already a Google Talk user, it's easy to become one. If you've got a Gmail account, then you already have a Google Talk account. If not, just go to or to get started

Uc Browser 8- For Google Nexus-S 4G

The Nexus S 4G is a 2011 phone, and it's still updated with the very last version of Android (Android 4). There is a gigantic number of apps available through the Android Market, with plenty more under way and in the following years. It's still actively support... it has a very good screen (amazing by early 2011 standards) and everything you could ask for. And Android 4 has not reached even its summit yet (most apps are still developed for previous versions of Android).

UC Browser

Find your perfect app with a little help from your Google+ friends

Starting today, the Chrome Web Store helps you do just that. You can now share all of your favorite Chrome Web Store items with people in your Google+ circles by finding them in the Chrome Web Store and clicking the +1 button located in their store detail page.

You can also review app, extension and theme recommendations from anyone in your Google+ circles simply by clicking on the “From your circles” link, located in the left category menu in the Chrome Web Store. And for those of you who are relatively new to Google+, we’ve also included suggestions from some of us in the Chrome team.

To make finding the right app even easier, all apps that have been +1’d by someone in your circles will be indicated as such throughout the Chrome Web Store, helping you decide which apps to install.

We hope that this new feature will help you share the best that the store has to offer and discover great new content from your friends. If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can easily sign up; go here to get started.

Introducing Google Chrome For Android

In 2008, we launched Google Chrome to help make the web better. We’re excited that millions of people around the world use Chrome as their primary browser and we want to keep improving that experience. Today, we're introducing Chrome for Android Beta, which brings many of the things you’ve come to love about Chrome to your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone or tablet. Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed and simplicity, but it also features seamless sign-in and sync so you can take your personalized web browsing experience with you wherever you go, across devices.

With Chrome for Android, you can search, navigate and browse fast—Chrome fast. You can scroll through web pages as quickly as you can flick your finger. When searching, your top search results are loaded in the background as you type so pages appear instantly. And of course, both search and navigation can all be done quickly from the Chrome omnibox.

Chrome for Android is designed from the ground up for mobile devices. We reimagined tabs so they fit just as naturally on a small-screen phone as they do on a larger screen tablet. You can flip or swipe between an unlimited number of tabs using intuitive gestures, as if you’re holding a deck of cards in the palm of your hands, each one a new window to the web. One of the biggest pains of mobile browsing is selecting the correct link out of several on a small-screen device. Link Preview does away with hunting and pecking for links on a web page by automatically zooming in on links to make selecting the precise one easier. And as with Chrome on desktop, we built Chrome for Android with privacy in mind from the beginning, including incognito mode for private browsing and fine-grained privacy options (tap menu icon, ‘Settings,’ and then ‘Privacy’).

Sign in
You can now bring your personalized Chrome experience with you to your Android phone or tablet. If you sign in to Chrome on your Android device, you can:

  • View open tabs: Access the tabs you left open on your computer (also signed into Chrome)—picking up exactly where you left off.
  • Get smarter suggestions: If you visit a site often on your computer, you'll also get an autocomplete suggestion for it on your mobile device, so you can spend less time typing.
  • Sync bookmarks: Conveniently access your favorite sites no matter where you are or which device you’re using.
Chrome is now available in Beta from Android Market, in select countries and languages for phones and tablets with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. We’re eager to hear your feedback. Finally, we look forward to working closely with the developer community to create a better web on a platform that defines 3mobile.

Google Office Locations In The World

                                           With over 70 offices in more than 40 countries, chances are we’ve got opportunities near you.
  Browse through our offices to learn more about our openings and get a look at Googleyness around the globe.

Google Offers app For Mobile

Get Offers While You're On-The-Go

Discover, buy and redeem great deals with your phone:

What is Google Offers

How Google Offers works

  1. 1


    Subscribe to Google Offers and we'll email you an amazing deal from a great local business.
  2. 2


    Purchase deals directly through our Google Offers site and we will send you a confirmation email with a link to your voucher.
  3. 3


    Enjoy your deal by redeeming your voucher, either printed or mobile, at the featured business.

Moving Google Analytics Forward - Retiring The Old Version

After a year of supporting both the old and new versions of Analytics, we are now fully transitioning and leaving the old version behind. This means that as of tomorrow we’ll be removing the link to the previous version which sits at the bottom of Google Analytics pages and all your analysis will take place in the new version.

It’s been a long journey to this point, and we hope you’ll find value in all of the features that the new version of Google Analytics offers. And our help center is a great resource to be sure you’re getting the most out of these new features and reports. The new version has been completely rebuilt on a more powerful platform that lets us move faster and develop more amazing features including these recent launches:

  • Real-Time shows you what’s happening on your site as it happens. Immediately see the impact that online campaigns, TV ads, or mentions at a live event can have on engagement with your website.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels provides insight on the full path to conversion over a 30 day period. The variety of marketing channels used to find your website, and not simply the last click, so you can make better decisions on your marketing investments.
  • Social Reports help you measure the impact of your social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effect social media has on the metrics which matter to your business.
  • Mobile Reports show how visitors from mobile devices and AdWords mobile campaigns engage with your website. See how many pages they visit, how much time they spend, as well as conversion and ecommerce insights to help you optimize your mobile strategies.
  • Content Experiments enables you to show different versions of a page to different visitors, then using a new advanced statistical engine measures the results of each to determine which is the most effective version.

We have received some really great feedback over the last year on what’s working and what’s not; we’ve been listening very closely and doing our best to incorporate the feedback and ideas.  We are continually working to improve upon Google Analytics and help provide you with tools to make better decisions for your website and marketing programs, so please keep providing the feedback.  You are our most important source of ideas for innovation!

Google shows off first Nexus 7 commercial

Google shows off first Nexus 7 commercial

Google has released their first full-length commerical for the popular Nexus 7 tablet.
The video, posted to YouTube, shows off a man and his son bonding through a camping endeavor.

Of course, Google Apps and some Wi-Fi help the bonding process.

Google's tablet, which sells for base $200, has seen strong sales, and the company has even sold out of the $250 16GB variant.

All 40 Products Of Google

  1. Alerts
  2. Get email updates on the topics of your choice
  3. Blog Search
  4. Find blogs on your favourite topics
  5. Books
  6. Search the full text of books
  7. Google Chrome
  8. A browser built for speed, simplicity and security
  9. Images
  10. Search for images on the web
  11. Maps
  12. View maps and directions
  13. News
  14. Search thousands of news stories
  15. Scholar
  16. Search scholarly papers
  17. Toolbar
  18. Add a search box to your browser
  19. Trends
  20. Explore past and present search trends
  21. Web Search
  22. Search billions of web pages
  23. Web Search Features
  24. Find movies, music, stocks, books, and more
  25. CodeDeveloper tools, APIs 
  26. BloggerShare your life online with a blog – it’s fast, easy, and free
  27. CalendarOrganise your schedule and share events with friends
  28. DocsCreate and share your online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
  29. GmailFast, searchable email with less spam
  30. GroupsCreate mailing lists and discussion groups
  31. OrkutMeet new people and stay in touch with friends
  32. PanoramioExplore and share photos of the world
  33. PicasaFind, edit and share your photos
  34. TalkIM and call your friends through your computer
  35. TranslateView web pages in other languages
  36. YouTubeWatch, upload and share videos
  37. MobileGet Google products on your mobile phone
  38. Maps for mobileView maps, your location and get directions on your phone
  39. SearchSearch Google wherever you are
  40. SMSUse text messaging for quick info

Google Doodle on the ceremony london 2012

                                      Google Doodle on the ceremony london 2012

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics 2012 and the ranking rounds for Archery will be held in London today. PT takes in the mood at the world's biggest sporting event.

Controversies and rows will take a backseat as the Big Games begin today. Every Olympian, sportsperson and sports-fan is looking forward to the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 and the sporting events and competitions to follow. The mood is upbeat, Indian sportspersons and fervent fans have their eye on the gold.

Google Added New Link Tab to Blogger

                                                                                       New news from blogger interface updated by google .Google added its sites tab to blogger editing page so we can access our google accounts from this tab with fast .Google already added tab to its all sites and search result and now it also on blogger .And also google updated its all products view to new interface .       

What Is Google Page Rank And Google measure page rank for every web site.

These are called as Page rank or simply PR, named after the Google team member Larry Page. It usually means the reputation of that particular website according to Google. The higher the page rank the higher the reputation of that website.

Page rank depends heavily on the Crawl rate and number of inbound(links pointing towards the website) and outbound links(the links pointing out from website to other web pages) of a particular website.

If a website has inbound links from some high PR website then the PR of those website will be shared between the linking websites according to algorithm provided by Google. If you are having more outbound links that inbound links then there are less chances of your website getting a high PR.

It's just a measure though, it doesn't certifies that a particular website is good or not.

Top 10 Tips About Google You Must Know

Pull up the definition of the word by typing define followed by the word you want the definition for. For example, typing: define bravura would display the definition of that word.
Local search
Visit Google Local enter the area you want to search and the keyword of the place you want to find. For example, typing: restaurant at the above link would display local restaurants.
Phone number lookup
Enter a full phone number with area code to display the name and address associated with that phone number.
Find weather and movies
Type "weather" or "movies" followed by a zip code or city and state to display current weather conditions or movie theaters in your area. For example, typing weather 84101 gives you the current weather conditions for Salt Lake City, UT and the next four days. Typing movies 84101 would give you a link for showtimes for movies in that area.
Track airline flight and packages
Enter the airline and flight number to display the status of an airline flight and it's arrival time. For example, type: delta 123 to display this flight information if available.
Google can also give a direct link to package tracking information if you enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number.
Translate text, a full web page, or search by using the Google Language Tools.
Pages linked to you
See what other web pages are linking to your website or blog by typing link: followed by your URL. For example, typing link: displays all pages linking to Computer Hope.
Find PDF results only
Add filetype: to your search to display results that only match a certain file type. For example, if you wanted to display PDF results only type: "dell xps" filetype:pdf -- this is a great way to find online manuals.
Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search. For example, typing: 100 + 200 would display results as 300.
Quickly get to a stock quote price, chart, and related links by typing the stock symbol in Google. For example, typing: msft will display the stock information for Microsoft.