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Top Songs Of 2012

The song has received positive reviews from critics who complimented the song’s effective lyrics and chorus, and commended Ludacris’ part and the song’s ability to have an urban twist.

Most Visited Websites 2011-2012

Google Search or Google Web Search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

History of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore. According to The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to Hot or Not, and "used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine houses.

Airtel 3G 70% less in Kerala Plans

First time users please follow the steps as given below to go 3G in Kerala:- » Select network settings to "automatic" on your handset » Choose "3G only mode" and wait for network registration. » After registration and seeing 3G network on your handset, Select "Dual Mode" or "3G and 2G mode" to enjoy 3G .

Aakash Tablet is Available For Booking

You can Order your Aakash Tablet now. The long wait for Aakash Tablet is now over. Now you can book your Aakash Tablet online which will be delivered within a week from the day of booking. Aakash was the most awaited Indian Tablet, which took many people’s attention all over the world.

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All About GPRS

The functions which are defined in GPRS are following.


  • Network access function: Point to point data transfer, registration of MS with packet data protocols, radio resources for MS communication and charging information about packet transmission, is provided by this function.
  • Packet routing and transfer function: Routing of data between an MS and destination, conversion of GPRS address to external address and forwarding of packets between an MS and GGSN, is provided by this function.
  • Logical link management function: The communication between an MS and the GSM network is maintained by it.
  • Radio resources management function: Radio communication paths are allocated by it.
  • Mobility management function: Current location of an MS is kept by it. When an MS is entered to a new area, all routing and location in formations are also updated by it.
  • Network management function: If provides mechanisms to support network functions related to GPRS.

GSM Network Secret Codes

Type *#61# and press call - Check redirection status.
Cancel all redirections: ##002#
*43# to activate call waiting, to deactivate #43#.
If your phone doesn't have incoming call barring and outgoing call barring, you can try this.

For outgoing call barring dial *33*barcode*# and pres OK. To deactivate it dial #33#barcode*#.

On any phone on any network type in **43# to enable conference calls. You can make up to 7 calls at once

If you need to block SMS reception (if you are spammed by someone) just press this code:
xxxx is your Call Barring code (default is 0000).
To remove this barring type:

If you want to hide/show your phone number when calling, put one of these codes below in front of the number that you are going to call.
(*#30# / *#31# or *31# / #31# ) Works on some networks.

Typing *0# or *nm# on the beginning of a txt message gives you detailed delivery report on some networks.. But turn off reports in message settings before.

When the sim card-pin blocked type **042*pin2 old*newpin2*newpin2*

UC Browser Latest Fastest Version For Symbian


Following version suit for sis phones:

TRAI Got Maximum Complaints Against Airtel, Vodafone & Reliance in 2011-12

India’s leading mobile service provider Bharti airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Communications (Rcom) are once again on top when it comes to their Mobile Service users complaints related to Call drops, network congestions, Billing & Tariff related issues and activation of chargeable VAS without explicit consent of the customer.
According to the information given by Minister of State for Communication and IT. Mr. Milind Deora’s in Rajya Sabha, in last one year telecom regulator TRAI has received the maximum complaints against Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance. Total 1165 complaints were received against Bharti Airtel, followed by 654 for Vodafone and 647 against Reliance.
Besides, TataTele Services (Tata Docomo GSM and Tata Docomo CDMA) had 438 complaints and Idea Cellular 326 complaints.
Out of total 4133 complaints received during 2011-12, there were 466 and 165 complaints against PSUs BSNL and MTNL for basic telephone service (wireline) included fault repairs and response time to the consumer for assistance, respectively.
All above complaints has been forwarded by TRAI to the concerned service providers/telecom operators for appropriate action/resolution.

Download torrents in mobile using ucweb

here is trick to download torrents file in mobile using ucweb.

1.Get torrent file or link from torrent both will work in this website.
(my request is file)
2.Just open in ur ucweb.
3.Upload ur file in that website.then click BROWSE.thats all
4.Wait for few min.just refresh some time then ur file ill get uploading u can see there.
5.After uploading u ill see green button ill appear (With Ready For Download).
6.Then click green button.then u ill find "Free" click thats all every thing is over.then at which place u want to save do i download underworld awakening 4 full movie with 350mb.

How to connect diff. mobiles to PC

~!~ What is GPRS internet?

General packet of radio services is the technology of providing Internet packet through Air (wireless) , Service is same as you gets from Dial up or ISDN but medium is differnent. [ Both are public switched data means speed allocated as avialable or shared service not the dedicated]

~!~ What is Edge?

Enhanced development in Global (OR GSM) Evolution is newer
(Newer for india gvb) technology in providing internet packets
with almost 3 times more speed and stability and three times
low congestion on network provider. You can only get it if your operator has
enabled this service in your area ( tower is EDGE enabled or not ) &
wheather your mobile is EDGE enabled or not ?

~!~ What is 3G?

3G stands for 3rd Generation, Newest wireless technology in india.
It has such enhanced features as high-speed transmission, advanced
multimedia access and global roaming. In short, it allows you to get IP
access while being mobile with your wireless device.In short It has the
 advantage over Wi-Fi of not being limited to a few dozen meters

~!~ Whats is the difference in connection to p.c. between Nokia , Sony ericsson and Motorola

1. Nokia uses a Dedicated field for modem named PACKET DATA other than profiles that used by Mobile itself to access internet.
You have to dial *99# from your pc. it will dial whatever APN
you selected in PACKAET data of your Nokia mobile..

2. Sony ericsson have the same Profiles both for mobile and Modem through P.C. . You can dial diff. diff. profiles by dialing that no. from pc.
*99***1# means you are dialing first profile of your mobile
*99***2# means you are dialing second profile , According to you
dialed profile relevent AP would be dialed

3. In motorola First of all you have define in your mobile that USB cable you are using is for DATA To do this goto MENU >> settings >> usb >> n make DATA as default media. After this your mobile will work as a modem now You have to add EXTRA INITIALISATION COMMAND
from your P.C. and it will override evry setting of your mobile and P.C.
( You can use this in any mobile if you are facing problem in connecting)
To add E.I.Command goto Properties of Your Mobile Modem and click on
ADVANCE TAB. Here you can add this E.I. Command
Code: [Select]

Remember do not alter anything except APN and the APN you'll define
would be dailed irrespective of what you have defined in your mobile.

One more thing i should mention here that the APN you are dailing should be activated for your no. (Contact ur operator to activate that)

~!~ How to setup your mobile modem in P.C.

Most of the latest mobile creat there modem itself , there is no need to
do anything just connect you mobile to cable and it will automatically
install it but remeber Pc. Suit should be installed.

In your computer Goto Control panel >> click on Phone and modem option   (If you opened it First time then it will ask for country code enter it 91 or anything and press next) >> Come to MODEM tab >> Cick on ADD tab >>
In new window Select "Dont select my modem i will choose it from list" and press next >> Now choose your mobile company in left window and model in right window ( You can maually point for your drivers from HAVE disk in case you have them ) >> Now choose your Port and press next , Most probably you will get a Xp certificate notice just accept it and you are ready 

~!~ How to make a connection From your P.C. to mobile modem?

In your computer Goto Control panel >> Network Connections >>
Click on new connection wizard >> A new window will open >>
Click Next on these new window >> Now choose Connect to internet and click Next >>  Choose Set up my connection maually and click next >> choose Connect to dialup modem then next >>
Now choose your modem from list ( Choose only mobile modems ) next>>
Now  Give it any Name - next >> This the place where you have to mention your dialup no. which is *99# or according to your mobile as i described above (You can change it lator) next >> If you have any username and password (Only for BSNL ) then enter it here else leave it intact >> Congratulations you have created a succesfull connection  

How to set tata docomo internet setting

Are you having problems with Tata DOCOMO GPRS? Don’t worry you are not alone people face a variety of problems with regard to Tata DOCOMO GPRS Settings. For some people it does not work and others do not even receive the settings. Many are the problems for users who eagerly try to use their GPRS in their Tata DOCOMO phones.
If you are having any of the above problems with your Tata DOCOMO GPRS Settings then you need to check the following. First of all you should have a handset that is GPRS enabled. With Tata DOCOMO you should get your GPRS settings automatically by default as soon as you switch on your mobile phone that has GPRS facility. You will receive your GPRS settings in the form of a message and make sure that you save that message by pressing options. Some people by mistake will delete this message and if you delete this message without saving it you will not be able to use DOCOMO GPRS. These settings are supposed to tell your phone where to look for an active connection for internet browsing.

Here are the settings that you will normally receive from Tata DOCOMO.

Connection Name: [you can name your connection with any name of your choice]
Data Bearer: GPRS
Connection Security: Off
Session Mode: Permanent

You will not require any special username or password to browse the internet with your Tata DOCOMO connection. You must make sure to have the connection security in ‘Off’ mode otherwise you will have problems.
If you have saved the settings properly you will not have to enter these settings manually. In case you have deleted the settings message by mistake you can make use of the above settings manually by creating a new connection in your mobile phone. The method to create a new internet connection will vary from mobile phone to mobile phone. So refer your mobile phone manual in case you are not sure how to create new GPRS connection.
Very often people make the mistake of trying to go online as soon as they save the settings or create the new settings. In most phones, the settings will work only when you switch off your mobile phone and switch it on back. The new settings will become effective only when your phone loads the new settings when you start your mobile phone again.
Now you can try to browse the internet using your GPRS enabled phone. As of now DOCOMO does not have any unlimited GPRS packages, they charge 1 paisa per KB. If you are use post paid connection you can get 100mb package at Rs. 99 per month. Browsing in Tata DOCOMO home network and Tata DOCOMO National roaming network are free. You will be charged only for downloads in these networks.
Those who have tried Tata DOCOMO feel that the speed of GPRS connectivity in Tata DOCOM is excellent.

How much is the speed of reliance gprs in kerala

 TaTa docomo is good network to use internet in kerala
   you must get the edge  for use  gprs ok
First Of All U Make Sure That Your Mobile Support Edge or 2G Technology After Enquire Nearest Bsnl Exchange Office Thats Ur Residing Location That The Towers Supports Edge Or 2G Facilty
As U Mentioned Ur Towers Is No Far From You Hope That U Receive Better Signal Strength If It Have Edge Facility U Can Acquire The Speed Above 40Kbps To 50Kbps In 2G Networks

How much is the speed of reliance gprs in kerala guys today we are saying about reliance gprs speed in kerala

   Reliance is good network to use internet in kerala
   you must get the edge  for use reliance gprs ok

   Now the speed of reliance
               On EDGE it almost 18kbps-35kbps as download speed
                Upload speed 8kps - 15kbps 

       I think it is good speed to use internet with mobile and also reliance gprs offers are low cost

   Rs 14  500mb 3 Days
   Rs 29   1gb     15days 
   Rs 63   2.5gb   15days 

These are the good offers for Reliance

Thank you for view this post if you are getting more speed in any another n/w please inform me and comment me to this post


BSNL slashes 3G tariffs

The recent 3G tariff war has witnessed involvement of almost all telecom operator in making 3G service more affordable in India. This time, its State-run telecom operator BSNL who is all set to reduce its 3G data rates. BSNL has added new prepaid 3G Data pack of Rs.151 with 7 days validity offering 1000 MB free data usage. BSNL has also rationalized 3G prepaid data vouchers and postpaid data plans which will be effective from this 1st June 2012. BSNL 3G Data coupon of Rs.25 (validity 3 days) will now offer 100 MB data usage compared to earlier 50 MB. BSNL 3G Data Coupon of Rs.50 has been made more attractive by increasing free data usage from 100 MB to 200 MB ; and validity from 7 days to 15 days. Similarly, BSNL 3G Data Coupon of Rs.100 will allow free data usage of 300 MB instead of 225 MB; and validity increased from 15 days to 30 days. Postpaid 3G customers can get Rs.100 plan at Rs.90 p.m.

As promotional offer for 90 days, BSNL will offer 25% extra bundled free usage in selected Data plan or Voucher. The 3G 300 and 3G 500 data vouchers will get extra 25% data usage during promotion period i.e. 1250 MB and 2500 MB respectively. The MRP of these 3G vouchers also has been reduced to Rs.250 and Rs.450 respectively. These two 3G plans are also available to postpaid customers at fixed monthly cost of Rs.220 and Rs.400 respectively. The additional usage charges beyond free data usage limit for BSNL 2G and BSNL 3G prepaid data plan/voucher and data usage charges for prepaid voice plans revised from 4p per 10kb to 2p per 10 kb. BSNL has also decided to withdraw existing 3G vouchers of Rs.10 and Rs.200.

Airtel Opera Mini 6.5 Handler 2012 march Latest 100% working Trick Remoded Hacked for free internet

opera mini handler mod airtel 2012 march

Our previous post was Airtel March 2012 Free Opera Mini Next 7 Handler with built in dettings Its working well all over India. Now we are posting Opera Mini 6.5 handler for Airtel Grprs march 2012. Old posts of Opera Mini 6.5 , UC Browser Are stopped working sice I used twitter real host trick there.
Note: Airtel provided as a free browsing site up to 29th February 2012. From March 1 onwards, Airtel blocked all twitter real host Trick and
all Back Query, Front Query Tricks which were working in kerala and Some other states.
Recently We find out a new working version of real host Trick for Airtel and we updated our Opera Mini 6.5 handler for free gprs with airtel. All the settings are built-in in this Handler.

  • Download Opera Mini 6.5 handler remodded From the links given below
  • Use your Mobile officesettings and browse free
Unlimited Browsing And Highspeed Downloading are free with this version also.

Download Links :
Use And Enjoy...

Unlimited Data Cards In India

There are lot of datacard providers out there. MTS Mblaze, Tata photon, Tata Docomo and BSNL are those who provides unlimited plans
1. Mblaze @ 999 rs 3.1 Mbps till 12 gb. 144kbs there after
2. Photon @ 1000 rs 3.1 Mbps till 5 gb 128kbs there after
3. Photon @ 1200 rs 3.1 Mbps till 10 gb 128kbs there after
4. Docomo @ 1000 rs 3.6 Mbps till 5gb. 128kbs there after
5. Docomo @ 1250 rs 3.6 Mbps till 10gb. 128kbs there after
6. Docomo @ 1275 rs 7.2 Mbps till 5gb. 128kbs there after
7. Docomo @ 1500 rs 7.2 Mbps till 10gb. 128kbs there after
8. BSNL EVDO @ 750 3.1 Mbps. no idea about any data size capse
9. BSNL 3g again no idea on details.




Now a days its an era of Third Generation (3G) mobile services.BSNL was the first to introduce 3G services in India and its the only pan India 3G service provider.Apart from these BSNL also provide some economical 3G plans. Here is the BSNL 3G speed test results.This is the speed we obtained while we conducted the speed test. You may get a different speed in your area. Sometimes the speed at your area may be much higher than the speed given here. We have tested the speed at Calicut, Kerala. Speed depends on the device used to conduct the test. Here we have used Huawei E1762 datacard to conduct the speed test. Speed using Internet Download Manager is also provided.Give your BSNL 3G internet speed as comments.

BSNL Revises GPRS/EDGE Data Plans

BSNL has revised GPRS/EDGE data plans for its 2G subscribers. BSNL has reduced free data limit on a number of tariff plans. The revised data limit is applicable to both postpaid and prepaid connections.

Postpaid customers will now get 500MB of free data usage for Rs. 49/month. Free night usage of 2GB has been removed. Similarly 2GB data usage will be given under the Rs. 89/month plan compared to 3GB previously.
BSNL Revises GPRS-EDGE Data Plans
There is a data reduction in the Rs. 54 and Rs. 98 GPRS plans for prepaid customers. Customers will now get only 500MB of free usage through RCV 54 without any night usage. RCV 98 will give customers a data benefit of 2GB instead of 3GB.
There is no change in the validity of these plans. After free usage a charge of Rs.0.04/10KB will be levied from customers.

Aakash 2 Launch in April 2012

The upgraded version of the cheapest Android Tablet, Aakash will be available from April 2012, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said. The next version of Aakash touted as Aakash II will be available with much better configuration at the same price point as the original Aakash.

Kapil Sibal said in Lok Sabha that DataWind will supply 1 Lakh tablets with 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor, 3200mAH battery and a capacitive touch screen. Aakash II will now support a longer battery life and a much better touch screen.
Aakash 2 April 2012 Launch thumb Aakash 2 Launch in April 2012
Aakash II will be available for Rs. 2250 for students which can be subsidised by Government which will further reduce its price to Rs. 1250.
It is also worth knowing that Aakash was launched last year. It carried a 7” screen size with Android 2.2 OS running on 366 MHz Arm 11 processor with a 2100mAh battery.

3G Connection.

Bangladesh now ready to introduce 3G connection.This 3G networks in Bangladesh will be developed with Chinese assistance and users will use this services at lower prices than India. Nearly 1.7 million subscribers would use 3G technology from march. Separate 3G sim cards would be issued to user to use 3G service.

At first this test run service will be limited to big cities like Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong and for that Teletalk has already completed their 3G network 2,500 base transceiver stations are being put up across the country, in addition to the existing 1,730 stations.
The third generation (3G) mobile technology make mobile telephony system much more efficient, enjoy high-speed

Aakash Tablet is Available For Booking

inally you can Order your Aakash Tablet now. The long wait for Aakash Tablet is now over. Now you can book your Aakash Tablet online which will be delivered within a week from the day of booking. Aakash was the most awaited Indian Tablet, which took many people’s attention all over the world. From 2 Months, people are eagerly waiting for this tab to come into market. Since we all know that there are two versions in Aakash Tablet, one is the student version which is named as Aakash Tablet and another is Ubislate 7 which is an upgrade version of Aakash Tablet.

Order Your Aakash Tablet Now : Only Online

People have a lot of questions on the Aakash Tablet, which made us to write a post called : Aakash Ubislate 7 Tablet FAQ where we discussed almost all doubts asked by our readers. And according to the government of India, The ultimate goal of making this Aakash Tablet is to provide quality education with help of latest technology like android and also to provide better features for students for a lesser cost when compared to other tabs. To make it even more better, the Aakash Tablet is upgraded to a new version called Ubislate 7. This is commercially available to everyone and everywhere in India. This commercial version of Ubislate 7 can be pre-booked now, so that you can get the delivery in the last week of January 2012.
Whereas Aakash Tablet is only for students where you can restrict your children from misusing the GPRS features like Using a phone SIM card to make calls and to browser more Internet. You can book your Aakash Tablet only via Online and the delivery will be done within a week’s time. You can pay the cash on delivery, which is seriously amazing. If you want to change your mind and shift the order from Aakash Tablet to Ubislate 7, its never late. You can cancel the order when they call you to confirm the order. If you want to check out the specification of both Aakash Tablet and Ubislate 7, then take a look at the above screenshot.

According to me, if you want no GPRS for you Tablet, then you can go for the Aakash Tablet, which you can book it now itself. And if you want a amazing 700Mhz Cortex A8 M microprocessor, with a 3200 mAh battery power then wait for Ubislate 7. The Aakash Tablet is having Android 2.2 as its operating system, where as Ubislate 7 is having Android 2.3 as the operating system. The best part in Ubislate 7 is the availability of GPRS, where you can connect you SIM card and use the tablet as a phone. And if you want to

Order your Aakash Tablet now, Click here : Book Aakash Tablet - Student Version for Rs: 2,500

Pre-book the Ubislate Tablet, Click here : Pre-book Ubislate 7 – Commercial Version for Rs: 2,999

For more information, You can go the Official Page of Aakash - Aakash Tablet, Aakash Ubislate

Please not that there is no pre payment for booking Aakash Tablet. The only way is to pay cash on delivery. It might take a week’s time to deliver the Tablet. You can book you Aakash only via Online as mentioned above. If you have any queries, please leave a comment. Please share the news with your friends and Order Your Aakash Tablet Now.

Chinese Mobiles Airtel,SMART(Reliance) & TATA DOCOMO GPRS Settings

I provide these settings becasuse in China Mobile customer care doesn't provide any Settings through SMS...

The only way is manually settings and the function of China Mobile is also very Complicated sooo....

Here is the Mobile Office, Airtel Live and Airtel MMS settings for ALL CHINA Mobiles :-

1) Mobile Office

first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>

Account Name--> MO


Auth. Type-->Normal

save all the settings.

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>

Rename Profile==> Mobile Office


data account==> MO (which we created previously)

Connection Type==>

Here u find three option

a) Connection-oriented

b) Connectionless


choose a) Connection-oriented==>

IP Address==>

Security==> off

Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage

and you r ready to use Mobile Office...

2) Airtel Live

first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>

Account Name--> LIVE


Auth. Type-->Normal

save all the settings.

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>

Rename Profile==> Airtel Live


data account==> LIVE (which we created previously)

Connection Type==>

Here u find three option

a) Connection-oriented

b) Connectionless


choose c) HTTP==>

Proxy Address==>

Proxy Port==> 8080

Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage

and you r ready to use Airtel Live...

3) Airtel MMS

first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>

Account Name--> MMS


Auth. Type-->Normal

save all the settings.

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>

Rename Profile==> Airtel MMS


data account==> MMS (which we created previously)

Connection Type==>

Here u find three option

a) Connection-oriented

b) Connectionless


choose c) HTTP==>

Proxy Address==>

Proxy Port==>8799

Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage

and you r ready to use Airtel MMS...

For SMART(Reliance) Settings Click Here

For TATA DOCOMO Settings Click Here


good news, km-proxy is coming back. yes. now it again working, but it browsing speed going little slow. but downloading speed is very fast and all you know it resumemable. now you can download from mediafire,jumbofiles, uploadorb. but download limit is not unlimited now I think it giving you 250 mb fileanyway now again enjoy with it.
now enjoy facebook on ypur PC .I tested it 100% work and login support. and open your gmail.account.
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Increase InterNet Speed

Increase InterNet Speed Using Notepad

1. Open Notepad.

2. Copy the following code to the Notepad.

3. Save the file as NetSpeed.reg or what ever name you want but the extension should be .reg.

4. If you run the file means it asks for "Do you want to add the following entry to the registry"

5. Press Yes

6. Reboot your PC.

7. Feel the difference....

How to Make Firefox Load Faster

Firefox may run quickly but it loads slowly; here's how to fix it. (This tip is for experienced computer users only.)

You can slash Firefox's slow load time by compressing the DLLs and executables. There are many choices for compression but I suggest you use UPX which is free, efficient and time proven.

1. Download UPX from

2. Unzip upx.exe into your Firefox installation folder which is normally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.

3. Make sure Firefox is not running then shell to a command prompt in the Firefox installation directory.

4. Type in the following command in a single line and hit return:

for %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v"

5. If on some later occasion you want to unpack the files, just type in the command above but add the decompression switch "-d" after "do upx."

That's it; enjoy the difference!

How to increase your internet connection speed

If you have Windows XP, try this. Everyone that has tried it says it works, tell us if it works too. You should be logged as Administrator (not even accounts with administrator privileges).

1. Start - Run - type gpedit.msc.

2. Expand the Local Computer Policy / Administrative Templates / Network Branch.

3. Highlight the QoS Packet Scheduler in left panel.

4. In right panel double click the Limit reservable bandwidth setting.

5. On setting tab check the Enabled item.

6. Where it says Bandwidth limit % change it to read 0.

The problem is, XP seems to want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for itself. Even with QoS disabled, even when this item is disabled. So why not use it to your advantage.

To demonstrate the problem with this on stand alone machines start up a big download from a server with an FTP client. Try to find a server that doesn't max out your bandwidth. In this case you want a slow to medium speed server to demonstrate this. Let it run for a couple of minutes to get stable. The start up another download from the same server with another instance of your FTP client. You will notice that the available bandwidth is now being fought over and one of the clients download will be very slow or both will slow down when they should both be using the available bandwidth. Using this "tweak" both clients will have a fair share of the bandwidth and will not fight over the bandwidth. Try it and tell us if this works.


I love Mozilla Firefox. I surf the net whole day by Mozilla and I dont feel like stopping it.
I want to increase Mozilla Users please download it from side bar , it also reduces use of bandwidth
coz inbuilt google, yahoo, wikipedia, and other search engines which no other browser to offer

you can also disableto show images of a site which is not offered in any other browser . download it and experience it.

Speed up Mozilla FireFox


1. Type "about :config" in the adress field.
2. Set the value of network.http.pipelining to "true".
3. Set the value of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to "100".
4. Set the value of network.http.proxy.pipelining to "true"
5. Set the value of nglayout.initialpaint.delay to "0"

The speed will be increases upto 20%